Unique operation at the new columns

The key to sustainable development of the enterprise is in the increase in production capacity. Along with new large and significant investment projects OJSC “Naftan” implements measures for the reconstruction and repair of existing technological facilities that ran off the required cycle. Large-scale work is currently underway on a propane deasphaltization unit.

Recently extraction columns of deasphaltization unit that had been used up their operating were made down. A couple of new “twins” were installed then. That large equipment has the main role in the production process. In the columns the raw materials are divided into components. The result is the deasphalted oil. The facility’s capacities before reconstruction let to process over 850 thousand tons of goudron per year. During the same time almost 200 thousand tons of deasphalted oi was produced. After the reconstruction they will be able to get more volume of high quality products. In short, the productivity of the entire unit will increase.

At the same time the shutdown maintenance continues. Column K-9 has been replaced with the new one for propane evaporation from asphalt mortar. Also they have set two frequency regulated motor pumps to pipe out deasphalted oil. Previously there were steam-powered piston pumps.

Reconstruction and maintenance of deasphaltization unit this year is a very important step in its history and also a chance to set the aims and perspectives. Forthcoming two stages of reconstruction, modernization of fire-extinguisher system and of propane compression system. The last one can help to increase the object’s reliability, optimize the production process and scale up its effectiveness.