ENGLISH Автор: Елизавета Петренко

Under reliable protection. New fire alarm system is tested at Deasphaltization unit

The deasphaltization of goudron unit refers to the objects of the first hazard class. The safety measures there are remarkable mainly due to the modernized fire protection system. That is the project of the second stage of the reconstruction of Deasphaltization unit. Commissioning works are underway there.

The new addressable fire alarm system (AFAS) at the deasphaltization of goudron unit is a reliable tool for eliminating the negative impact of hazardous fire factors on material values. And most importantly – the people who work in the protected area.

This year we have successfully completed the 1st stage of the project to modernize the Deasphaltization unit. It includes replacement of the old extraction columns K-1 and K-2. The 2nd stage has already reached the finish line with the modernization of the fire alarm system. In fact, it is absolutely new one that meets modern requirements for the hazardous technological facility. The work is extremely important, because, first of all, it is connected with the protection of people. The difficulty of the work is in the large number of tasks that had to be performed in the conditions of an operating facility. Therefore, additional fire safety measures were required. For that reason, the implementation timeline was slightly extended.

The analogue addressable fire alarm system “Biryuza”, which is installed at this facility, allows to detect fire at an early stage. It gives a complete picture of the fire situation in each zone of the unit any time and records continuously the slightest changes. The new system allows to turn on the foam fire extinguishing at the need place.

Almost every meter of Deasphaltization unit is now under protection. There are smoke and flame detectors, fire alarm devices and manual detectors in each room of the facility. Then, they set the sound warning system: it helps to communicate with the personnel from the operator panel. The explosion-proof light and sound display “Fire” were also installed. Now there one can see special booths with explosion-proof industrial telephone sets.