Two tank fields will be equipped for the products of Delayed coking unit

Construction and installation works are at full speed in the tank fields of workshop No. 8. Their radical modernization is being carried out as a part of the investment development projects of Naftan. Their productive capability and technological scheme are updated to receive petroleum products from the Delayed coking unit.

The tank fields of the commodity and raw materials workshop — 921/16 and 921/17 — were built in 1970s. For many years diesel fuel, gas condensate and oil — raw materials for the primary refinery units were stored there. Now this unit of Naftan is undergoing renovation. And then the tank fields will contain the products that arrive from the Delayed coking unit.

The preliminary survey on the tank fields, as well as the analysis of their technological schemes, shown that the repairment of the existing facilities is going to be impractical. Therefore, it was decided to build new ones at the same place. That means modernization and redesign of the facilities. Now mostly the work in the fields has been completed. The tank fields will serve for acceptance, storage and pumping of the products to the hydrotreatment unit. That is, they serve much like a buffer. Then the oil petroleum products will be involved in subsequent technical processes.