ENGLISH Автор: Елизавета Петренко

The first years of the Novopolotsk oil refinery

The birthday of the Naftan is a good reason to look into the past of the enterprise – with the help not only the rare photos, but also by newsreels and fragments of the documentaries recently added to the our company’s archive. The black and white chronicles captured the significant events of the early 1960s. For example, the legendary crude oil distillation unit AVT-1, first trains with Belarusian fuel, a solemn rally on the occasion of the first line of the Polotsk refinery.

The newsreel “Soviet Belarus” dated by June 1963 captured one more significant event. Then the first stage of the Polotsk refinery was officially set into operation. On June, 15 the state commission signed the act on the acceptance of the main industrial facilities into operation. The newsreel captures many technological units of the oil refinery. And then his main crude oil distillation unit – AVT-1. The first Belarusian gasoline and diesel fuel were obtained there. After the reconstruction of the facility in the 2000s those sights are no longer on the Naftan’s map. Now one can see there the modern installation “Visbreaking-Thermal Cracking”. The legendary AVT ‑ 1 remained only in the memory. And the third generation of refiners now can look into the past with the help of documentary footage and photos.