Steps towards the goal: reconstruction of Hydrotreating No. 3 continues

The next stage of reconstruction works has been completed on Hydrotreating No. 3 that is being carried out as part of a large-scale modernization of oil refining. More than 85% of the equipment is planned to be upgraded at a facility designed to clean the products of the delayed coking unit. Commercial diesel fuel Euro-5 of ultra-low sulfur content is also in the list. After connecting the facility to the factory process chain its productivity will increase by a third. The involvement of light gas oil in the Hydrotreating feedstock from the delayed coking unit will positively affect the quality of the fuel.

One can see a radical reconstruction process at the facility. A gasoline processing unit was built from scratch, most of the events were held mainly there. Approximately 97% of the equipment has been already mounted.

One of the complex operations performed at the unit is the internal devices assembly of the new reactors of gasoline and diesel units. The specialists of Neftezavodmontazh conducted thee works togrether with a representative of a Danish manufacturer Haldor Topsoe. The next stage at these units carried out in the second half of October was the installation of multi-zone thermocouples. They were installed by specialists of the Novek company (Novosibirsk). Due to the smart temperature sensors it will be possible to control the operation of the catalyst layers quickly and thoroughly.