Scientific potential for innovation

At the end of November Minsk hosted the 1st International Scientific and Technical Forum “Petrochemistry-2018”. BSTU was taken as a platform for holding such a large-scale event being one of the universities training specialists for belarusian petrochemical industry. The forum was visited by the representatives of the Belneftekhim concern including OJSC “Naftan”.

During four days it was a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of chemical technology and oil and gas refining. Scientists and manufacturers discussed current issues in the field of petrochemistry, digital technologies and automation systems for the industry, identified the most significant areas. Representatives of the Polotsk State University and OJSC “Naftan” also shared their experience.

OJSC “Naftan” chose the correct vector continuing the large-scale investment program. The delayed coking complex is now under construction. It consists of five units. After the completion of the construction the depth of oil refining will be able to reach 90% – as at the modern European refineries. The yield of light petroleum products will increase, new names will appear: liquid and granulated sulfur, petroleum coke. In addition, the chemical industry is preparing for the implementation of a large-scale project – the construction of a new ethylene-propylene plant.