Repairs at sulphuric acid production unit completed ahead of schedule

The sulphuric acid production unit, which is annually renewed due to its specifics, went out of repair works three days ahead of schedule.

Repair of the 2nd stage began on 4 August. The minimum task set for the team and contractors was to work ahead of schedule, not only to meet the plan, but also to reduce down time.

The most difficult task in the first two days of the shutdown was to dismantle and send for revision and repair shut-off valves, safety valves especially when it comes to hundreds of units, – says the mechanic of the sulphuric acid production unit Denis Tarasevich.

There worked NZM and Ligmod enterprises, two general contractors that are proven partners of Naftan. Their employees had their own area of responsibility. A number of subcontractors were also involved in the repair. When it was necessary to strengthen the position, the contractors attracted additional forces.

The replacement of a collector of purified waste gases has become a significant part of the shutdown repairment. The state of the rest equipment was assessed by the specialists on the highest score. Some units at such a specific facility as a sulphuric acid production unit should not operate beyond the set period. This is true to the storage tank for H2SO4. Inside the device has a special acid-resistant coating that prevents corrosion and fracture of metal. It plays a key role in the technological scheme of the installation. From that storage tank workshop No. 8 gets commercial sulphuric acid.

The sulphuric acid production unit is different from its giant partners. The specific environment and purpose of the installation keep the team constantly tuned: the object undergoes three repairs per year.