Repair campaign’19 at the sulfuric acid production unit completed ahead of schedule

On the 2nd stage of the sulfuric acid production unit major repairs and reconstruction were carried out. The works related to the replacement of the WSA condenser (E‑404) and the technological recovery of wasteheat exchanger В‑201С. The main goal – to ensure reliable and failsafe operation of the 2nd stage of the facility – has been successfully reached. On October 5, the facility was put into operating practice.

The WSA (wet sulfuric acid) condencer of the Danish company “Haldor Topsoe” is to convert sulfuric anhydride (SO3) into commercial concentrated sulfuric acid. It is a condenser with a falling liquid phase film, where SO3 process gas moves upward along glass tubes 7 m long. The heat exchanger is divided into 5 modules, each has 792 tubes in which sulfuric acid is condensed and concentrated. The temperature of the hot acid downstream of the condenser is about 250 °C, and the concentration is 97.5%.

The WSA condenser was replaced by a general contractor that used Liebherr lifting crane with a lifting capacity of 750 tons. Installation of such a complex equipment was under the supervision of a specialist from the Moscow office of “Haldor Topsoe”. The work was carried out almost round-the-clock, always in two shifts. Then the personnel was to switch to the three-shift mode. To ensure such a tight production schedule the installation team was strengthened by engineering and technical personnel from other technological facilities of oil fuel and aromatics production.