Remedial maintenance of the 1st stage of the Sulphuric Acid Production Unit

For a long time Naftan keeps the technical course of improvement the reliability of equipment and the efficiency of repairs. Due to this fact most of the units of the enterprise have a 3-year long turnaround time. However, there are some objects that due to their specifics, stop for the remedial maintenance every year. One of them is Sulfuric Acid Production Unit.

Both stages of the Sulphuric Acid Production Unit utilize hydrogen sulphide. As a result of processing sulphuric acid is obtained. The commercial product is sent to consumers. Hydrogen sulphide loading at each stage is 2000 m3 per hour. Now the second stage is working. It was recently successfully set in operation  after current maintenance. The first was stopped on September, 4. Like its “twin” it has experienced the full set of essential operations, without which renovations at any facility coulnd not be imagined: revision and repair of shut-off valves and pressure relieve valve, inspection and diagnostics of the equipment. These tasks, as a rule, were solved using own resources of the enterprise – with the involvement of the facility personnel, industrial safety service and repair workshop.