Remedial maintenance of Merox went successfully

After a shutdown maintenance, the Merox installation designed to produce  aviation fuel Jet A‑1 for gas turbine engines returned to the operating process. Renovation of the technological equipment will positively affect the efficiency and safety of the facility.

Merox is a miniature-scale production unit of Naftan. And the staff serving the installation counts only 12 people. However, the opportunities available to the object are giant. The annual productivity of Merox is 500 thousand tons of jet fuel. They get Jet A-1 from straight-run jet fuel, which comes here from the primary refinery unit – ABT-6 and AT-8.

One of the important technological units run through the reconstruction. It is connected with the fact that in the future Merox will become a separate unit, an organic part of the radically updated Hydrotreating No. 3. On the E-101 depth tank one can find flanges with several adapters made, which allow to work with both old instrumentation devices and new ones when the time comes.