OJSC “Naftan” enlarged sales markets and geography of supplies

OJSC “Naftan” produces more than 100 product items. The basis of export consists of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, oils, fuel oil, vacuum gas oil, residual hydrocracking. Naftan is also the only Belarusian producer of fuel for aircraft and over the past year it has enlarged the geography of jet fuel supplies.

Novopolotsk oil and gas giant produces and certifies two types of jet fuel. One is jet fuel manufactured according to the interstate standard. The other is aviation fuel for the Jet A-1 gas turbine engines, the quality of which corresponds to modern American and European standards. The geography of supply of these petroleum products to the external market today is Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, also some Asian countries.

The production of jet fuel at Naftan is a multistage process. It involves a whole chain of technological units. And the introduction of the modernized unit AT-8, OJSC “Naftan” was able to produce additional volumes of premium jet fuel.