Novopolotsk – Fanipol: the main oil product pipeline set in operation

The shipping costs decrease by a quarter

The opening of the first Belarusian main oil product pipelinewas held on January 16, 2019. On this day, the second commissioning and start-up complex began pumping fuel. Thus providing transportation of petroleum products from OJSC “Naftan” to the oil storage base in Fanipol.

It is planned to deliver about one million tons of oil products per year through that oil product pipeline. The length of the object is 292 kilometers. Now the Novopolotsk-Fanipol pipeline only receives diesel fuel but in the future it will also pump gasoline. This strategic facility will save up to 25% on the transportation of petroleum products.

Pipeline transport is the most environmentally friendly, fast and inexpensive means of transport in the world. The oil pipeline allows you to reduce the cost of pumping fuel to a storage warehouse, to speed up the time of delivery of petroleum products. The delivery of fuel by railway transport is carried out in 4-5 days, by pipeline – during the same day it could be delivered to the tank farm, and then to the gas stations and consumers. The oil pipeline will reduce the costs of fuel transportation. The income of the oil refining industry will increase.