ENGLISH Автор: Елизавета Петренко

New technological scheme implemented at bitumen production unit

The season of bitumen at Naftan is gaining momentum. Roofing, road, construction bitumen are ordered by consumers. All types of these petroleum products are produced according to the Belarusian standard and corresponding to the European classification. Specialists take care of servicing customers faster than before that’s why they have introduced a new technological scheme at the bitumen production unit during its recent shutdown repair.

 They have implemented a technological solution: buyers will be able to receive bitumen more quickly than before. Now oil products are served according to a new scheme. It is possible to prepare and ship simultaneously different brands of petroleum products. Since the current season in a similar situation it could be done – buyers do not have to wait for a long time. The rhythm of sales is increasing due to the active interaction of the enterprise services with consumers, Belarusian and foreign. Everyone is interested in receiving products as soon as possible.