Naftan’s “gold” in a golden package, or what’s new in the production of motor oils

OJSC “Naftan” reloads the engine oil lines of low viscosity groups for fuel economy and reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Engine oils “NAFTAN PREMIER” and “NAFTAN GARANT” of new viscosity groups with high protective and anti-wear properties for engines soon will appear on the market at the “Belorusneft” fuel filling stations.

All over the world the environmental aspects of transport operation are taken seriously. Engine oils “NAFTAN PREMIER” and “NAFTAN GARANT” correspond to the modern requirements, the number of viscosity groups increased by two. The new products – 10W-30 and 20W-50 – are planned to be released this year. Like engine oils 5W-30 and 5W-40, the new ones  will be produced with additives and according to the recipes of Infineum –  world’s leading oil producer.

In addition, the production of high-quality engine oil “NAFTAN CLASSIC” of SG/CD groups is being resumed. By the way, this brand is started to be produced with the additives of the JVLL “LLK-NAFTAN”.