Naftan oils expand boundaries: Belarusian products presented in Iraq

Naftan’s products are gaining popularity in the world markets. Experts emphasize that our engine oils are equal competing with imported counterparts not only in price but also in quality. This autumn the Iraqi company opened a store in the city of Basra. There are various oils and lubricating fluids from two Belarusian manufacturers – OJSC “Naftan” and OJSC “Mineral Wax Plant”.

Basra is the second largest and most populous city in the country. And that is the main port of Iraq. The first batch of Naftan oils has already arrived there – seven sea containers. Before starting the cooperation with “Naftan”, new partners from Iraq checked the parameters of our engine oils at an independent laboratory. And they were pleased with the result. In autumn a company store opened in Basra. On its sign one can see Belarusian brand “Naftan” proudly accompanying the Arabic script. There, Naftan engine oils are exposed for the customers in large and small containers of various characteristics and price categories. Each customer can choose a product for their financial and other requests.