Maintenance works on Visbreaking-Thermal Cracking Unit done ahead of schedule

The end of July and the whole of August in the industrial calendar for 2018 at JSC “Naftan” traditionally was marked by maintenance works at key production facilities of “Petroleum Fuels and Aromatics”.


Renovation maintenance of the important equipment is the main task with which the Visbreaking-Thermal Cracking Unit dealt ahead of schedule. The name for an important plant unit was given by a visbreaking process that requires high temperature. Here tar is processed, giving the additional volume of light petroleum products and a hydrocarbon gas. This unit can not be stopped completely, therefore for renovation operations both blocks were put out of action in turns.

Good preparation, skillful contract organizations, coherent work of the plant services and the staff of the unit made it possible to achieve the positive result. One of the important technological facilities of “Naftan” met the end of summer and the early autumn fully equipped and now it is working with high stability.