Hydrotreating unit No.3 on the threshold of major reconstruction

Hydrotreating unit No.3 of OJSC “Naftan” is on the threshold of major reconstruction. Now the project goes under preparation process. The specialists of JSC “GIAP” design institute used an advanced method – modern digital modeling technology using a 3D scanner. The work went in conditions of a limited place, saturated with communications and technical equipment.

3D scanning technology is considered to be one of the important tools to increase efficiency in the design field. Also it is a big step in process automation. One can have a detailed examination of its structure thanking to that technology used on the scanned object. Especially for those parts that are difficult to reach with simple measuring devices. This modern technology helps to reduce the risk of mistakes in dimensions of the object.

Preparations for the reconstruction of Hydrotreating unit No.3 are now at full steam. It is planned to replace more than 85% of the equipment at the main technological joints of the unit. Large-scale work will affect the main blocks: reactor, stabilization, purification and regeneration of monoethanolamine. After the reconstruction and modernization of the unit’s technological scheme they will implement some measures to save energy and to improve industrial safety.