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The first large-scale work is going on at pyrolysis furnace P-9

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The repair campaign of 2019 continues. Today the hottest point at the «Polymir» plant is at workshop No. 104. Here, for the first time in 17 years since its launch in 2002 extensive repairs are underway to replace outdated equipment at pyrolysis furnace P-9. One of the new and progressive facilities of the polyethylene production needed a complete replacement of transferline exchanger and radiant coils. Today the installed equipment goes through the piping process.

In 2001 instead of the existing cracking furnace a new double cell cracking furnace designed and built by Technip company appeared in the olefin workshop, capable of producing ethylene and propylene by pyrolysis of hydrocarbons of an impressive range: from a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons and gasoline to diesel fuel and vacuum gas oil. Moreover, the new furnace is able to provide a high yield of target products.

The P-9 furnace differs in design and layout from other cracking furnaces. In its capacity it is able to replace four other old pyrolysis furnaces. P-9 stands out for its most advanced equipment.

Repair work began in mid-July 2019. A complex start-up phase — the dismantling process — took two months. The outer look of the object was the first to be changed: four transferline exchangers were taken down. Each furnace has two parallel exchangers, which are necessary for quick cooling of the pyrogas stream by several hundred degrees, thereby abruptly stopping the pyrolysis process. The task of dismantling was complicated: it was necessary to get rid of other functional parts of the furnace. Therefore, specially for P-9, the team of the general contractor, facility personnel and the supervision organization, Technip, developed original technical solutions.

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