Nitrogen Production Unit No. 4 at comprehensive testing
Among the technological units being built from scratch at OJSC “Naftan” and those under construction are the units of the delayed coking complex. The most ambitious large-scale investment development projects in our company’s history are unique. Hydrogen Production Unit No. 2 is already implemented and Nitrogen Production Unit No. 4 is in progress of the equipment complex testing.
Naftan oils expand boundaries: Belarusian products presented in Iraq

Naftan’s products are gaining popularity in the world markets. Experts emphasize that our engine oils are equal competing with imported counterparts not only in price but also in quality. This autumn the Iraqi company opened a store in the city of Basra. There are various oils and lubricating fluids from two Belarusian manufacturers – OJSC “Naftan” and OJSC “Mineral Wax Plant”.

Naftan’s “gold” in a golden package, or what’s new in the production of motor oils

OJSC “Naftan” reloads the engine oil lines of low viscosity groups for fuel economy and reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Engine oils “NAFTAN PREMIER” and “NAFTAN GARANT” of new viscosity groups with high protective and anti-wear properties for engines soon will appear on the market at the “Belorusneft” fuel filling stations.

Мodernized Hydrotreating unit No.2 set into operation
Reconstruction of one of the objects of the delayed coking complex is fully completed. At the end of September, right after the comprehensive testing of the equipment, the acceptance committee signed the act of readiness for operation of Hydrotreating unit No.2. Now the unit operates in a production mode. Since the beginning of 2018 the unit has been tested in various modes. During them the ultimate reconstruction goal has been…
Hydrotreating unit No.3 on the threshold of major reconstruction

Hydrotreating unit No.3 of OJSC “Naftan” is on the threshold of major reconstruction. Now the project goes under preparation process. The specialists of JSC “GIAP” design institute used an advanced method – modern digital modeling technology using a 3D scanner. The work went in conditions of a limited place, saturated with communications and technical equipment.

Major repairs on the Benzene Unit in the planned mode

For the “Benzene” unit (a part of oil and bitumen production) August of 2018 was a busy and eventful month. Machinery and cranes involved, numerous representatives of the contract organizations and specialists of various “Naftan” departments work hard. Personnel of “Benzene” copes with their responsibility too.