Novopolotsk-Fanipol: a profitable transport solution
400 thousand tons of Naftan diesel fuel delivered by pipeline Several significant events and the first results were celebrated this spring by OJSC “Naftan“, OJSC “Polotsktransneft Druzhba” and RUE “Belorusneft” and their trilateral cooperation project. On March 27, 2019 the first Belarusian main oil product pipeline Novopolotsk-Fanipol has already delivered 400 thousand tons of Naftan diesel fuel to the repository of Minsk and Vitebsk regions. Such volume of marketable products…
OJSC “Naftan” enlarged sales markets and geography of supplies
OJSC “Naftan” produces more than 100 product items. The basis of export consists of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, oils, fuel oil, vacuum gas oil, residual hydrocracking. Naftan is also the only Belarusian producer of fuel for aircraft and over the past year it has enlarged the geography of jet fuel supplies.
The first years of the Novopolotsk oil refinery
The birthday of the Naftan is a good reason to look into the past of the enterprise – with the help not only the rare photos, but also by newsreels and fragments of the documentaries recently added to the our company’s archive. The black and white chronicles captured the significant events of the early 1960s. For example, the legendary crude oil distillation unit AVT-1, first trains with Belarusian fuel, a…
Naftan pours bitumen in clovertainers
OJSC “Naftan” improves the technology of product shipment. The enterprise has organized shipment of bitumen materials in modern packaging – clovertainers. The introduction of a new logistic scheme should increase the shipment frequency in 2019. And the petroleum products could be sold even during the shutdown maintenance of the bitumen facility that has already been launched.
Naftan is the 1st in the “Technical Fluids for Automobiles” category
The nationwide consumer recognition award “Narodnaya Marka” (“People’s Brand”) in 2018 covered dozens of local brands. On November 29, at the Palace of the Republic, the award ceremony gathered representatives of leading Belarusian companies whose goods and services deserved special attention. According to the results of the popular vote, the oil products of OJSC “Naftan” in the category of “Technical Fluids for Automobiles” again won first place.
Scientific potential for innovation
At the end of November Minsk hosted the 1st International Scientific and Technical Forum “Petrochemistry-2018”. BSTU was taken as a platform for holding such a large-scale event being one of the universities training specialists for belarusian petrochemical industry. The forum was visited by the representatives of the Belneftekhim concern including OJSC “Naftan”.
Naftan’s products waited in China
The team of the commercial service of OJSC “Naftan” headed by Deputy General Director Sergey Khomich  came back with solid results from the First China International Import Expo. It took place in Shanghai on November 5 -10, 2018. The presentation stand of the Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry (Belneftekhim Concern) presented OJSC “Naftan” as well as OJSC “SvetlogorskKhimvolokno”, OJSC “GrodnoAzot”, OJSC “PolotskSteklovolokno” and OJSC “Belshina”.