Large-scale campaign finished at “Phenolic oil purification No. 1”
The large-scale repair campaign of 2019 at Naftan finished at the “Phenolic oil purification No. 1”. Updates at this facility are designed to improve the technical and economic properties of the equipment. Repair made it possible to introduce some technological solutions that helped to increase the efficiency of the production process.
Global changes
  The repair campaign of 2019 continues. Today the hottest point at the “Polymir” plant is at workshop No. 104. Here, for the first time in 17 years since its launch in 2002 extensive repairs are underway to replace outdated equipment at pyrolysis furnace P-9. One of the new and progressive facilities of the polyethylene production needed a complete replacement of transferline exchanger and radiant coils. Today the installed equipment…
Dewaxing of oils and oil filtration units: high point of a large-scale maintenance campaign
Almost simultaneously maintenance works began at “Dewaxing of oils unit No.1” and “Oil filtration unit”. Within limited time many complex operations were carried out aimed at increasing the reliability of those facilities, optimization of production processes and scaling up their efficiency. The repairs were completed on schedule.
Unique operation at the new columns
The key to sustainable development of the enterprise is in the increase in production capacity. Along with new large and significant investment projects OJSC “Naftan” implements measures for the reconstruction and repair of existing technological facilities that ran off the required cycle. Large-scale work is currently underway on a propane deasphaltization unit.
Repair campaign’19 at the sulfuric acid production unit completed ahead of schedule
On the 2nd stage of the sulfuric acid production unit major repairs and reconstruction were carried out. The works related to the replacement of the WSA condenser (E‑404) and the technological recovery of wasteheat exchanger В‑201С. The main goal – to ensure reliable and failsafe operation of the 2nd stage of the facility – has been successfully reached. On October 5, the facility was put into operating practice.
Aleksandr LUKASHENKO visited “Naftan”
On June 7, President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko visited OJSC “Naftan“ during his working trip to Vitebsk region. The previous visit of the head of state to the refinery in Novopolotsk took place in 2007. Aleksandr Lukashenko was informed about the investment program realization, held a meeting on the modernization of Belarusian refineries and the efficiency of export sales of petroleum products, also he spoke to the…
New technological scheme implemented at bitumen production unit
The season of bitumen at Naftan is gaining momentum. Roofing, road, construction bitumen are ordered by consumers. All types of these petroleum products are produced according to the Belarusian standard and corresponding to the European classification. Specialists take care of servicing customers faster than before that’s why they have introduced a new technological scheme at the bitumen production unit during its recent shutdown repair.