AVT-2 set in operation
JSC Naftan as a modern enterprise successfully solves thousands of tasks. One of them – setting in operation of the primary oil processing facility AVT-2. Commissioning of the unit became needed due to the operating necessity. Now the atmospheric block of the technological facility works nearly at the maximum capacity for crude oil – 380 m3 per hour.
Under reliable protection. New fire alarm system is tested at Deasphaltization unit
The deasphaltization of goudron unit refers to the objects of the first hazard class. The safety measures there are remarkable mainly due to the modernized fire protection system. That is the project of the second stage of the reconstruction of Deasphaltization unit. Commissioning works are underway there.
Remedial maintenance of the 1st stage of the Sulphuric Acid Production Unit
For a long time Naftan keeps the technical course of improvement the reliability of equipment and the efficiency of repairs. Due to this fact most of the units of the enterprise have a 3-year long turnaround time. However, there are some objects that due to their specifics, stop for the remedial maintenance every year. One of them is Sulfuric Acid Production Unit.
Commissioning operations completed at pyrolysis furnace P-9
An important link in the technological chain of polyethylene production, utility 104, has undergone significant changes. Pyrolysis furnace P-9, the largest and the most powerful among such technological units of this kind at the Polymir plant, was placed in operation after a large-scale renovation in May 2020. In August they completed commissioning work. The warranty readings were taken – they confirm that the furnace is now functioning according to the…
Everyone needs Naftan’s bitumen
OJSC Naftan is among leaders in terms of capacities for the production of petroleum bitumen in Belarus. It also holda a solid position in this segment. The pandemic has a minor impact on the sales of dark binders taking into account our enterprise. Mostly because of the large-scale road state programs. Bitumen remains to be highly demanded product and has a positive effect on the economic stability of the enterprise.…
Two tank fields will be equipped for the products of Delayed coking unit
Construction and installation works are at full speed in the tank fields of workshop No. 8. Their radical modernization is being carried out as a part of the investment development projects of Naftan. Their productive capability and technological scheme are updated to receive petroleum products from the Delayed coking unit.
China – Belarus: building bridges of cooperation
At the end of November China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation (CPTDC) experts visited Naftan to discuss issues of future development and repairs at the enterprise. This company is a wholly owned subsidiary enterprise of China National Petroleum Corporation. It acts as the general contractor of contracts in the field of oil and gas extraction, pipeline construction, oil refining and petrochemicals production, and is also the largest supplier of Chinese…