Demand for bitumen

The development of bitumen business for Naftan is a strategically important area. Naftan enlarges this experience, developing and improving technologies of the production of bitumen materials. The plant satisfies consumer requests. Our oil bitumen is traditionally of high quality and is in stable demand.

OJSC «Naftan» is developing a bitumen business considering trends in toughening consumer requirements for raw materials used in the technological process. For instance, high quality components are required for the production of new types of roofing, waterproofing and other materials. Road workers are faced with improved technical requirements for road quality, aimed at ensuring safety and durability.

Naftan’s bitumen is highly demanded in Belarus. The rhythm of sales especially increases in spring and summer. There are more than ten brands in the product line today. The implementation of bitumen in the market is highly efficient. For example, this year Naftan increased the supply of various brands in March–July to the Belarusian market compared to the same period last year, thereby replacing imports and fully satisfying the demands of local consumers. Bitumen products are shipped both by road and by rail.