Commissioning operations completed at pyrolysis furnace P-9

An important link in the technological chain of polyethylene production, utility 104, has undergone significant changes. Pyrolysis furnace P-9, the largest and the most powerful among such technological units of this kind at the Polymir plant, was placed in operation after a large-scale renovation in May 2020. In August they completed commissioning work. The warranty readings were taken – they confirm that the furnace is now functioning according to the contract conditions. Now P-9 is operating at full capacity and ensures the release of target products – ethylene and propylene.

The two-chamber pyrolysis furnace has been functioning without major repairs since its commissioning in 2002. In 2019 under the leadership of the installation supervisor company the quenching and evaporating apparatus and radiant coils that had already reached their standard operating life were replaced. According to the manufacturer the new generation coils will increase the time between overhaul up to 70 days, and the target product yield will also be higher. Moreover, less coke will be generated due to the new design of the coils.

The process of taking the warranty readings is provided by the project: each furnace chamber must produce a certain amount of target products – ethylene and propylene. That work was mainly taken by the specialists of the research laboratory (shop 604). Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, they took samples on the furnace.