Column of new fractions

The family of plant columns is growing bigger and bigger. OJSC “Naftan” now has six new high-rise  grown. One of them, distillation column 100-T01 got into the perspective of the newspaper reporter. This giant delayed coking unit has an important role to play.

Column 100-T01 is a huge vertical cylinder. Its height is almost 45 metres. Plus the design raises the concrete foundation 5 metres above the ground. Among single columns (there are also double ones), distillation column is the largest. The diameter of this “skyscraper” is almost 4 metres. Now the employees of “Neftezavodmontazh” are completing the piping of the column with technological pipelines. After then it will be ready for hydrotesting of its equipment.

If you look at the location of the column, the 100-T01 is located right in the centre of the unit. It will receive fumes from the coke drums. Inside the column is the selection of hydrocarbon gases, light and heavy coker gas oil. These types of fractions then undergo transformation as part of secondary processes to satisfy the requirements of  petroleum products. It is necessary to increase quality of products.