China – Belarus: building bridges of cooperation

At the end of November China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation (CPTDC) experts visited Naftan to discuss issues of future development and repairs at the enterprise. This company is a wholly owned subsidiary enterprise of China National Petroleum Corporation. It acts as the general contractor of contracts in the field of oil and gas extraction, pipeline construction, oil refining and petrochemicals production, and is also the largest supplier of Chinese petrochemical materials and equipment.

CPTDC has a professional technical support system to provide comprehensive customized engineering solutions on planning, quality control, mounting, placing in operation and after-sales service of the facility. Representatives of the company presented materials of ongoing foreign projects. CPTDC delegation included specialists from another subsidiary of China Petroleum Jilin Chemical Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd (JCC). Their aim is the construction of chemical and petrochemical, coal, pharmaceutical industrial facilities, as well as those involved in environmental protection in the People’s Republic of China. Representatives of the JCC company spoke about their achievements during the presentation.

Engineers went on an excursion to the Visbreaking-Thermocracking and Xylene Isomerization units. Representatives of China familiarized themselves with the production potential of Naftan. The parties discussed mutually beneficial cooperation and its development.