ENGLISH Автор: Елизавета Петренко

AVT-2 set in operation

JSC Naftan as a modern enterprise successfully solves thousands of tasks. One of them – setting in operation of the primary oil processing facility AVT-2. Commissioning of the unit became needed due to the operating necessity. Now the atmospheric block of the technological facility works nearly at the maximum capacity for crude oil – 380 m3 per hour.

The comissioning operations started in the middle of October. During the non-standard operating mode of the unit half of the personnel worked at other technological facilities. By the upcoming launch almost all the workers of the former personnel returned to AVT-2. And on October 23 the facility entered its normal technological regime and gives products of the required quality. Now they are holding practically the maximum loading of crude oil – 380 m3 per hour.

The administration of NTiA production department expresses gratitude to the personnel that supported the facility in good working order for quite a long time and to all the colleagues (AT-8, Hydrotreatment No. 2, Hydro-reatment No. 3, Delayed Coking Complex, Visbreaking-Thermocracking, Rectification, Hydrogen Production Unit No. 2, Fractionation, Unicracking), which helped in this unusual situation.

A major overhaul at the facility is planned to be held in the spring of 2021. Previously such works were carried out at AVT-2 in 2018. Now the personnel hopes that by the end of April the historical facility of the Belarusian oil refining will be back in service.